We are a team of tech enthusiastic people with expert knowledge on selected topics such as machine learning, data science, and scientific computing. Our goal is to support innovative companies in facing their challenges by leveraging modern deep-tech solutions. We excel in agile working environments that are open to new ideas, and we aim to form mutually fruitful and lasting relationships with our clients. Our vision is to build a reputable on-demand R&D service provider.


Innovate: We listen to your business needs, translate them to technological problems, and present modern solutions to approach them.

Build: We build tech products from start to finish, with continuous support. We compensate missing expertise through our rich network of IT experts.

Lead: We help your in-house development team by supplying ideas, coordinating team efforts, and keeping your business interests in focus.

Main areas of expertise

Data Science

Machine Learning


Scientific Computing

Technical Leadership

Project examples

Founded by an experienced and technically adept team

Simon Funke

Simon Funke, PhD

Simon got his Master's in mathematics and computer science from Technical University of Munich, and his PhD in applied mathematics from Imperial College London. Since then, he established a strong academic track record as a Research Director at Simula Research Laboratory, raising over 30 MNOK for developing his ideas, and publishing numerous scientific articles about scientific computing, optimization, and machine learning.

Throughout his career, Simon continuously helped businesses to execute their ideas as an advisor and data scientist. He is also co-founder and lead developer at the a la calc, an SaaS platform for nutritional analysis serving more than 1000 customers. As an open-source contributor, he developed the award-winning software dolfin-adjoint and open tidal farm.

Timo Klock

Timo Klock, PhD

Timo got his Master's in applied mathematics from University of Bremen, and his PhD in machine learning and data science from University of Oslo. With his mathematical background, he thrives at abstracting problems and reducing them to their core challenges. He proved that he is a capable team player in international research collaborations, resulting in international articles about data science, machine learning, deep learning, and optimization.

Before starting with Deeptech Consulting as a full-time data scientist & tech consultant, Timo worked as a researcher and consultant at Simula Research Laboratory, filling the shoes of a data scientist and developer. As a quick learner, he is a versatile asset in any development team, particularly within data-driven businesses.

Selected Tech Stack

If applicable in a project, we love to work with Python and its associated frameworks as a primary backend language. However we are not limited by it. Below we give a very non-exhaustive list of tech that we have used in prior projects. Feel to ask us for additional details!

Caught your attention? Step by step to a fruitful collaboration

1. First contact

Contact us via email or phone and let's set up an informal first meeting. The goal is to get to know your company, understand your business needs, and the relevant in-house IT structure.

2. Brainstorm

We brainstorm internally and with you about how we can help your company and about the technical feasibility of potential projects. At the end of this phase we decide on whether to go ahead.

3. Development

Where the fun happens! We implement the project by developing relevant IT components, validating & testing, and iterating. We can work autonomously or as parts of your in-house development team.

4. Support

Creating value for you is our main goal! We stay in contact to offer continuous support and to educate your IT team with the newly developed IT components, if applicable.

Have a project in mind?

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